Payment Method

Home Payment Method

We accept payment with major credit cards, bank transfer and money transfer service. You can pay in Cash USD or VND and Credit cards : Visa, Master... without anyfee

Credit Card Online Payment 

We connect with OnePay Payment Gateway ( to accept Online Card Payment. All of your card information is processed through SSL protocol with international card security standard. Your card information will not be stored at our database (merchant) but MasterCard with advanced security system.

We will provide you with a secure link for online payment once you and the Vietview hotel & travel have agreed with the services and price. We only proceed with the payment after reconfirming with you. Direct payment of cash is the most popular method in Vietnam. Small shops, restaurants and markets usually do not accept any other payments.

Major credit/debit cards (such as Visa Card, MasterCard and to some extent American Express) are increasingly being used, especially in the big cities and tourist places. Traveler’s cheques/checks are easy method of carrying money around and can be cashed at major banks (but not small banks in small towns).

Money-Exchange places and ATM machines

For those hesitant to carry a large amount of cash around, ATMs (automatic teller machines) have become increasingly popular in Vietnam (mostly in cities) and have attracted many foreign visitors. Most banks offer this service and the registration for an account is simple and fast. All ATMs are locally interconnected. However, ATMs only give in Vietnamese Dong (VND)

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